How did Indo Wagen came into being? Here’s our story!

About Indo-Wagen

About Indo-Wagen

We have always cherished a futuristic hope of introducing an eco-friendly transport system in India. Taking into account the massive rate of air pollution that clogs our cityscapes, post-2000’s there has been a sporadic growth of electric rickshaws throughout India. However, due to the lack of proper regulation of registration, plying of e-rickshaws has become a cause of concern for all.

For a long time, major EV brands faced challenges in manufacturing and designing e-rickshaws as per safety standards. It was only in 2014 that the Government of India passed new amendments to ensure that their plying was legal.

Our dreams of eco-friendly transport system finally took shape in 2013, as brand Indo Wagen. Owned by Zeniak Innovation India Limited, Indo Wagen has now expanded its wings across India. Our brand has successfully established its niche in 9 Indian states and steadily progressing on its way towards more.

Here’s how Indo Wagen provides the perfect mobility solution around eco-friendly transport system:

  1. We design our e-rickshaws such that they provide pollution-free transport solutions.
  2. Our e-rickshaws run on batteries that get charged quickly. All they take is 7-8 hours of charge to get working. So, more trips mean more revenue.
  3. The sturdy metallic body of our e-rickshaws is pretty durable; hence they stand the test of time.
  4. We are trying to generate employment opportunities by offering e-rickshaw dealerships. Due to fewer opportunities in the industrial sector, e-rickshaws have become the source of income beyond the urban cityscapes. Our Indo Wagen EVs are driving home, the concept of economic independence for the lower-income group.
  5. All our electric vehicles are ICAT certified. Hence their accessories are also certified to ensure compliance with the law.

Uncontrolled plying of petrol and diesel-driven automobile deteriorates the air quality of any area and affects health. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) released a report in April 2018, on pollution caused by diesel-run autos. The total carbon emission from auto-rickshaw pollutants was 0.44 million tonnes in Bengaluru alone, as per the survey. A greener future on an eco-friendly transport system awaits us. To attain that, we need to increase green cover and reduce our use of petrol and diesel-driven vehicles. It is only our consciousness that can save our planet from extensive damage.  By switching over to electric autos, the emission of carbon and particulate matter can reduce pollution to a great extent.

The effort of ours as brand Indo Wagen lies in generating consciousness among masses to use EVs. With that in mind, we are striving to involve more people in the Indo Wagen family, in the coming years.


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