What is our latest E-Rickshaw model? Introducing Q8 Ultra!

q8 model

Q8 latest model

E-rickshaws are now the most go-to alternative, in comparison to diesel-run cars or manual cycle-rickshaws that require intense pedaling. With the declining level of air quality in various states of India, the concern has become increasingly real. The soaring price of diesel in recent times also has been responsible for the major shift to greener forms of energy.


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Owned by Zeniak Innovation, Indo Wagen is an e-rickshaw brand that we founded in 2013, as a premier supplier and manufacturer of e-rickshaw and batteries. Currently present in 9 states of India, Indo Wagen boasts of tie-ups with more than 200 partner associates. All e-rickshaws owned by this brand, are reliable and ICAT registered.

The latest in line from Indo Wagen’s Q8 e-rickshaw range has been ‘Ultra’. The basic USP of Q8 Ultra lies in its mileage, which is the best among all e-rickshaws in the country.

 Like the rest of their clan, Q8 Ultra is affordable and environmentally sustainable. The launch of Q8 Ultra has been effective in short-distance commuting, being viable both for passengers and the drivers. This range was launched amidst fanfare in the presence of veteran Indian footballer Alvito D’ Cunha in December 2019.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Srivastava, CEO of Zeniak Innovation on being enquired about the standout feature of the product said, mainly focussed on the outstanding mileage this e-rickshaw offers. On a single charge, Q8 Ultra covers a distance of 150 kilometers. Apart from this, the compressor of this e-rickshaw is incredibly efficient, with a motor capacity of 1000 watts. The durable body was also a point to note, as per Mr.Srivastava. He stressed that in comparison to any other mode of transport in this league, the cost of charging is really low too, almost 20 paise per kilometer.

To sum up the merits of this vehicle, Mr. Srivastava highlighted the following points at the event:

1. These are completely eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable automobiles, running on Li-ion batteries

2. The brand has been successfully generating employment among many, throughout India. Remote and rural areas of Bengal and other parts of India are being covered as more youths are being involved in the dealership venture.

3. The batteries in Indo-Wagen’s e-rickshaws can be easily recharged and they have a lifespan of anywhere between 9 months to 1 year. All five batteries are easily charged within 7-8 hours to run for frequent trips. On a single charge, approximately 150 odd kilometers can be easily covered.

4. The outer body of these e-rickshaws has been designed such that they last for 4-5 years on an average. Thus these rickshaws survive turbulent weather conditions with ease. Regular maintenance will further prolong the lifespan of these battery-run cars for another few years.

By consistently offering customers, value for money, Indo Wagen is steadily scaling the ladder of establishing themselves as a niche e-rickshaw brand. With our motto of ‘Drive Future, Drive Green’, we are driving home the value of pollution-free transport. With the launch of our latest, Indo Wagen has revolutionized the organized sector of e-rickshaw.

Here’s hoping that we will expand our dream of becoming a leading house of battery-operated automobiles in the coming years.




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